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Welcome to my website and first ever blog post! This site is dedicated to young writers and the things they think about. In fact, got something to share—love to post it here! It will be fun to see your ideas, too.

Meanwhile, let me share my ideas of how to become a writer. WRITE!! Oh give me a break. What kind of help is that? It is what every writer in the whole big world, even ones with so many published books they don’t have enough fingers to count them on, know. That’s how important it is.

RULE #1—Write, Write and Write. I tend to write for three hours a day, but then I’ve been practicing for a while. Writing for fifteen minutes works, too. The important thing is to do it almost every day (I frequently take the weekend off).

RULE #2—Know a friend who wants to become a writer? Perfect. Get together and write with them! Sometimes that’s too hard, so call your fellow writer on the telephone and both of you set a timer for how long you’ve agreed to write. Call each other afterwards and share what you wrote—that keeps you from just staring at the page.

RULE #3—Remember I said I write for three hours a day? Well one of those hours is reading. There isn’t a writer who doesn’t read every day. Seriously, it is as important as writing. When you write, you discover problems in your story. At first, it is hard, but as you read you begin to notice how other writers solve that same problem. You might have an “Ah Ha” moment—now there’s an interesting ending to the story you’ve been writing called The Escape From A Wet Mad Green Frog.

Enough thinking about RULES. On to writing. So off you go. Decide how long you want to write, call your friend, set the timer and start writing. Even if all you write about is how hard it is to get started—ta da, you just started.

See you next month. Remember, if you have good ideas, send them to me to share with everyone.